We have built a platform
for a machine to machine economy.

IPSUM Network - Intelligent Payment System | MasterNodes | PoS

IPSUM Network blocks occur on the network every 60 seconds. IPSUM is 10x faster than Bitcoin.

Multiple forms of rewards avoiding coin centralization, unlike coins that can only be mined with ASIC.

Problem & Solution

A cryptocurrency community building the future of intelligent payment systems.

Problems with Information Sharing

Your financial information, activity history and balance is confidential. Keep it that way with private send.

Relation between provider and end-user

Quit the queue. Transact with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. Fast Payments: The IPSUM network provides quick payments which are confirmed in minutes not hours.

Our Solution

That All Changes with IPSUM Network

Transactions are written into the blockchain forever and backed up across hundreds of servers worldwide.

Info & Values

IPSUM is a non-native fork of the DASH Project, meaning we do not share common blockchain ancestry. It is our goal to contribute and synchronize with the upstream project to ensure we inherit latest security features provided by the community.


Apr 17, 2018 (12:22PM GMT)





Masternode colletral

5000 IPS

Masternode rewards


Block reward till block

3000 - 1 IPS

Block reward

from block 3001 to 43200 125 IPS, block 43201 to 86400 145 IPS, then halving every 15 days to a minimum of 9 IPS

POS start block


Block timer

60 seconds

Max supply

21 000 000 IPS

The Team

Jörg Wintenbach
Mechanical Engineer & Community Manager
Daniel Nováčik
.NET & JS Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPSUM Network?

A cryptocurrency community building the future of intelligent payment systems. Our goal is to create a currency that enables a machine to machine economy, whilst providing a "cash like" experience for our users.

Open Source Developers

Veterans of open source software, we understand how to cleanly fork and maintain a working relationship with the upstream.

Community Builders

We have learned that any successful cryptocurrency is seeded with a strong community. We build communities that are mindful and encourage collaboration in all facets. Come join us!

What are MasterNodes?

Also known as bonded validator systems, masternodes are a series of network nodes that underpin the IPSUM network. Operators earn 70% of block rewards, and help enable instant payments for users.

What is Proof of Stake (POS)?

No need for resource intensive mining with IPSUM. Proof of Stake allows users to lock their coins into staking mode and recieve 30% of block rewards.

ASIC Resistance

IPSUM has choosen to adopt Proof of Stake rather than Proof of Work. Therefore cannot be mined, and it will always remain ASIC resistant.

Where we want to reach

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